The future of Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy and Energy Resources of the FutureRenewable energy became more popular than the diesel generator in 2017. In April, the UK enjoyed its first coal-free day. They plan on banning all petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Wind power is also growing in popularity today because it’s so inexpensive. However, it’s important to understand that this isn’t a constant supply of electricity. We must learn how to manage it properly.

The Rise of Smarter Buildings

Although it sounds as if renewable energy is only available in rural neighborhoods, cities are embracing it today as well. Smarter buildings are growing in popularity today. These are buildings that use sunlight shining on their solar panels and plant filled atriums to produce the power they need. This makes urban living greener and healthier. It’s easy to maintain as well thanks to smartphone apps that let you check up on it, control the temperature and lighting, and get advice and maintenance tips. Now you can create instead of consume energy regardless of your location.

Not only is it easy to maintain, it’s also free to do so. Sunlight is available everywhere. The more surface area that you have available, the more sunlight you can harvest. It won’t be long before whole houses are built to harvest and use this renewable energy.

Powering Smart Buildings With New Forms of Renewable Energy

We haven’t yet mastered this form of energy as new types are still in the works. Two of the most commonly discussed include:

  • Hydrogen is being studied in the making of Tesla’s cars. Many believe this will be the form of energy the automobile industry embraces because of its ease of use. However, this energy can also be used in homes and buildings as well.
  • Sea power is also being harnessed. As stores ditch plastic bags, new ones are being manufactured from seaweed. Wave energy hardware is also being built but it’s still bulky and expensive in its early stages today.

The Biggest Problem With Renewable Energy

One of the biggest problems associated with changing the type of energy we use is actually caused by natural-gas power stations themselves. People like these because they can quickly get the power they need even during times of high demand. However, some people are enjoying being paid for not consuming energy. Sometimes simply turning things off at the right time is enough to make up for this.

Installing solar panels on your roof is also another way of benefiting. Here you can sell your neighbors the power supply they need. This is beneficial in that it adds flexibility in which producers, consumers, and startups can collaborate. In doing so bills and carbon emissions are lowered.

Another issue comes in the form of connectivity threats. Energy plants, smarthomes and the grid are growing increasingly connected today. Unfortunately, this leaves them vulnerable to hackers. This is a major consideration throughout the building process. Failure to think about this will only lead to a growing number of problems. While this hasn’t happened yet, it’s only a matter of time before this infrastructure suffers an attack.

Looking to Nature for Future Renewables

Today trillions of dollars are being spend on energy infrastructure. However, nature is where the answer lies and yet it’s often overlooked. The real challenge is capturing the hydrogen to use as fuel. Until this happens we’re still somewhat limited.

At Mid Florida Diesel we’ve embraced the reality of the future of renewable energy. We look forward to watching it develop but until then we remain committed to helping you maintain your traditionally powered engines. If there’s anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

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