Solar Energy as a Part of Future Natural Energy

Solar energy as a part of future natural energy Solar energy as a part of future natural energy means dramatic savings not only to consumers’ pockets but also the environment. And given today’s concerns with global warming, scientists and experts around the world are working vigorously to generate new innovative ways to obtain and consume natural energy.

One of the current, most popular natural forms energy technology is solar energy. Solar energy is extremely popular in homes – for those that can afford it – as well as gain popularity among business owners. However, given the premium price of purchasing and installing solar energy panels, it’s understandable that this is not something that is used by most lower to most middle-class families.

Recent development ideas involving innovative technology that’s designed to use photoelectrochemical cells offers a promising future into possibly converting carbon dioxide into methanol. Why is this significant? Well, experts at the University of Amsterdam point out that there is a multitude of uses for methanol, including vehicle fuel.
If implemented the natural acquisition and use of methanol in this manner could dramatically change the current solar energy, fuel, and global environment – and market.

It would also contribute to protecting and preserving the integrity of our environment – which is a major benefit. Methanol, in particular, is also used to create antifreeze and a solvent for various chemical products. Given this, along with continued research in maximizing solar energy via photocatalysis, photovoltaics, and photosynthesis the outlook looks bright (no pun intended), and will offer the global community the ability to dramatically reduce costs to both government entities and the public.

Solar powered energy is unique in that it’s a consistently supplied natural resource, projected to last up to another 5 billion years – possibly longer than mankind itself may exist too, especially in consideration of the ways in which we currently utilize and deplete natural resources within the environment. And while no society or species has been perfect, the commitment to utilizing natural resources such as the wind, water, and the continued development of solar energy technology reflects our genuine desire to maximize the life of our planet.

However, the major issue of cost remains a problem, but given new technology, it’s likely that either older technology will become affordable, or that new products will become more affordable – and possibly reimbursed through the government. In fact, this is something that currently exists for homeowners, as they are eligible to receive an annual tax write-off for the installation and use of solar energy panels in their homes to power electricity and other utilities.

The idea of solar power experiencing growth in the future means that we may very well possess the aptitude in combination with solar powered homes to build and operate either electric (environmentally friendly) or solar powered vehicles and dramatically reduce the current pollution and unnatural wearing away of the earth’s ozone layers. However, scientists, professionals, research funding, and the next generation of each of these critical parts will heavily weigh on whether this is something society will be able to successfully accomplish.
Image Credit : Kenueone

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