The Ins And Outs Of Installing A Backup Generator

Blue Star Power System GeneratorsIn these times, having a backup generator for the home and office is a must have. It’s not even open for debate anymore as natural disasters are destroying wide swaths of property and killing people. The hurricanes of 2017 have shown that power is everything. We’ll look at the situations and things need to be done regarding a backup generator especially the benefits of having a diesel generator.

First of all, just about any home can support one of today’s state of the art diesel generators. All that is needed is a good space and the ability to modify so that the generator can be installed and be out of the way.

You’ll need to look around the outside of your home and see where such a generator should be placed, however, it’s best ot let the professionals do this step. Yes, you want that new porch extension or garden in the right spot but putting a generator there is more highly efficient and needed.

Assessing Your Disaster Situation

Since you’ll be using your backup generator in times of need, you have to be realistic about its necessity and how to maintenance it. There’s no part of the U.S. Where a weather disaster can’t hit. From hurricanes to tornadoes, ice storms and snow, any one of these meteorological events can knock out an area’s power systems and there’s no telling when they would come back online.

Just look at the poor people in Puerto Rico and Texas and Florida. Without power you’re literally up the creek without a paddle. Fortunately some hospitals and buildings had backup generators, some had relied on natural gas to fuel them and some on just diesel. Gas supplied fuel is cleaner but if the pipe infrastructure is out no gas can get to your generator. Diesel fuel in cans in storage are easy to use. Best to go with diesel.


You’ll have to weigh in the value of the cost of a diesel generator. They may not be all that expensive in the long run. Remember, should disaster fall you’ll be able to start up your generator and be able to withstand the elements. Others nearby might end up suffering or even dying without power and you may find your place the go-to place during such an incident.

You want to be ready for any contingency and costs come secondary to safety. Talk with your specialist in diesel generator installation like Mid Florida Diesel. If any company would know how to avoid or survive a disaster it would be a diesel company that can rough the weather terrors of Florida.

Mid Florida Diesel has seen it all. They know what to do and how to do it. Their team of professionals have withstood the test of time and can get you set up relatively fast and affordable. They know the difference between life and can depend on a backup generator.

In a hot climate like Florida, a few days without power can be a death sentence not to mention an invitation to burglars who know your security system is down due to no power. So in this event, your generator might be able to be written off as part of your home security system too.

Just ask Mid Florida Diesel to spell it all out for you. It’s the kind of investment you can bet your life on, literally.

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The New Age Of RVs

The New Age Of RVsRVs are just as popular now as they’ve ever been. Sure, there has been years that have seen highs and lows in the sales of RVs but Americans are never going to give up these fun vehicles no matter what. In that vein we need to look at this fascination with these vehicles as well as RV maintenance.

RVs or Recreational Vehicles have been around for decades. They’ve been so popular that even the oldest models are still sought after and can be seen driving down the roads. People love the idea of having a vehicle that has a living quarter attached to it. The old RVs are nothing in comparison regarding to amenities of today’s RVs but it’s still that feeling of comfort and independence that makes these vehicles so popular.

Today’s RVs have just about everything the modern home has. Add to that availability of WiFi and you can’t beat today’s RVs The use of WiFi now makes the RV an attraction to millennials and seniors too. Families love the convenience of bringing their laptops and tablets and other WiFi devices along and today’s at-home worker can hop into their RV and work from any area the RV can travel to.

The new RVs have microwaves, showers, washing machines and dryers, and lots of living space. They can easily accommodate a family of four or more and they can be parked in designated RV parks that are found nationwide. Cities and towns with RV parks see a rise in tourism and revenue. Normally they’re found outside of the municipalities but you can pull up, register, plug your RV into an electrical or plumbing and just rest for as long as it’s allowed.

Seniors love RVs because they can travel as a way of enjoying retirement. Young people love the adventure and freedom. Kids just love RVs because f the fun and adventure too. All in all you won’t be hard pressed to find people who don’t love RVs

Seniors love RVs because they can travelSince the popularity of these vehicles has grown over the past 10 years, the RV companies have been busy figuring out how to make these vehicles more accommodating and withing an affordable cost range. Matter of fact, it’s much cheaper to own an RV if you’re one of the new online work at home people. They may cost a good penny but stretched out it’s far cheaper than renting or a mortgage. As long as you have a regular snail mail address you’re good to go. You can travel from one end of the country to the other and not have to worry about raking leaves, mowing lawns, or shoveling snow.

You get to meet people all over and attend festivals and outdoor events all in the comfort of your own space.

On the highways you are riding and living like a king. Other people are trapped in cars and if nature calls they have to hope they’ll get to a restroom. Not so with an RV.

This is why during evacuations during disasters, the RV is the vehicle to have. You can get as far as possible from the disaster and carry tons of supplies and belongings.

Overall, you won’t be missing out on owning your own RV.

If you own an RV and you need it repaired or maintenance then there’s no company better than Mid Florida Diesel. They know all about RVs and what puts the wear and tear on these vehicles. You’ll be able to know that your Rv will be up and running in top condition.

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Be safe Not Sorry Regarding Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators Save LivesAfter watching the horrific news regarding hurricanes Harvey and Irma, people in the U.S., now understand the importance of having a diesel generator at the ready. It’s a clear cut case of being safe instead of being sorry.

Diesel Generators Save Lives

It is not a joke when people say their diesel generators save lives. Smart homeowners and businesses know what happens when the power goes out. It can be a matter of life or death. As one can see in the astonishing news headlines of what is happening to people in Texas and Florida regarding the aftermath of Harvey and Irma. Both states have incredibly hot weather. Florida has suffered three straight years of increasing temperatures that have made enjoying the sunshine state almost impossible. Texas is the same somewhat. Texas isn’t muggy but it can get deathly hot.
Without air conditioning a person can die in just minutes in extreme temperatures. Things are far more dangerous if the victims are young or elderly. It only takes about half an hour for a human being’s core temperatures to rise to dangerous levels. Left unattended it is a high probability that heat exposure and other heat related illnesses will emerge. When this happens, it’s time to call the doctor or the coroner.
Not just people are at danger, but so are pets and other animals.

Not Just The Heat

It’s just not the heat the one needs a diesel generator for, refrigeration and energy for electrical devices. People and businesses need electricity to run or they’re dead in the disaster. Diesel generators are designed to provide such energy needs on a 24/7 365 basis. That’s why they’re so durable and engineered for easy operation and and easy maintenance. The designers know that for you to need a generator it means all else has failed.

Your Business Concerns

When it comes to your business concerns you definitely need a backup diesel generator or you’ll be in major trouble. There are multiple reasons for this. First of all, if your business depends on the internet for taking orders and shipping and maintenance and so on, you’ll be hard put to keep up with the competition and your customers if the lights go out. You definitely want to be the guy on the block that is up and running instead of the guy who is standing around with his head in his hands, moaning and groaning about having not been prepared.
Thank goodness for the mobile market. It’s based on WiFi and other internet technologies that were designed to withstand catastrophic events. If you’re lucky to still have a signal that means you can still take orders and operate your brick and mortar or even home office and remote office with relative ease.

Know The Pros

If you’ve got the common sense, then you’ll look for a professional that knows how to install and maintenance a diesel generator. Companies like Blast Off Equipment know just how to assess your property and what type of diesel generator you’ll need. Their staff is certified and well trained in diesel generator technologies and they take pride in educating you in how to use them properly and safely.

Bottom Line

So the bottom line is to think about the safety of yourself and your loved ones. A diesel generator is an investment not only for your business, but for your life and the lives of those in whom you care.

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Common Sense And Diesel Generator Care

Common Sense And Diesel Generator CareDiesel generators are the workhorses of the generator industry. They’re efficient and affordable, but they can take a real beating after repeated use. Considering their expense and vital need, knowing the value of proper maintenance is imperative.

The Once Over

If you’ve been using your diesel generator for some time now, you’ll need to give it the once-over to make sure it’s operating properly. Makes sure your user’s manual is at the ready and don’t just trust a glance. You need all your senses to inspect your generator. Eyes, nose, ears, touch. Look for signs of wear and tear. Listen for any unusual sounds that indicate immediate attention. Sniff around for smells such as smoke or burnt oils. Use your fingers to tell if the unit is vibrating or overheating. Using all applicable senses is the first start and you can bet any generator service professional will do the same.

Neglect Costs Money

Some people are just too arrogant to realize that a diesel generator just doesn’t sit there and repair itself. There are many things to look for regarding a generator’s operation and maintenance. Only you can’t see these problems from the outside so a thorough investigation is required. If you’ve neglected maintenance then you might be in for some expensive repairs.

The Benefits Of Diesel Generator Care

There are two main reasons for proper generator care as well as a dozen secondary reasons. The purpose of a diesel generator is to operate for regular or emergency use. It’s the kind of device that you have to count on should something happen like the power goes out due to a storm. If you’ve neglected maintenance, the generator might conk out on you when it’s most important. You’ll end up in dire straits and possibly in mortal danger. Just ask the people in those hurricane areas if they could have used a diesel generator.

The operating diesel generator saves you money too. If it’s damaged or in need of repair, its efficiency will drop to levels that are not only hazardous but will cost you money both in the short and long-term.

A diesel generator that is not maintained properly could be a hazard to yourself and others. It’s not wise to let a combustion machine like this become risk. It could catch fire or end up in any number of states of disrepair. Such dangerous situations mean more costs on top.

When In Doubt, Call An Expert

If you’re unsure of how to handle the maintenance of your diesel generator then just give a real professional company a call. Mid Florida Diesel is just what the diesel challenged owner needs. Their certified and professional staff will know exactly what to do when it comes to prevention, general care, and repair if needed. They’ll work within your budget and advise you along the way. Don’t be shy regarding asking questions because their friendly customer service is another big feather in their cap.

So don’t wait until it’s too late to have your diesel generator always up and running smoothly and safely.

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Mid Florida Diesel Delivered Blue Star Generators to Seacoast Utility Authority

Mid Florida Diesel delivered 4 Blue Star 100 KW Trailer Mounted generators to Seacoast Utility Authority (SUA). MFD performed the factory start-up and training for the SUA personnel. All generators were built with John Deere engines, Basler Controls and Marathon Alternators. They were fitted with 4 position voltage selector switches, Permanent Magnets, and Camloc connections for the power cables.

If you need to install or to repair a diesel generator please contact Mid Florida Diesel at (866) 930-9851

Mid Florida Diesel Delivered Blue Star Generators to Seacoast Utility Authority

Mid Florida Diesel Delivered Blue Star Generators to Seacoast Utility Authority

Mid Florida Diesel Delivered Blue Star Generators to Seacoast Utility Authority


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Get Ready, Here Comes Renewable Energy!

Get Ready, Here Comes Renewable Energy!It was bound to happen. Logic dictated it. Renewable energy has taken hold worldwide and there is no stopping it. The fossil fuel industry will soon be as extinct as the dead dinosaurs they’ve always claimed were the source of oil.

Now that the scandals have emerged regarding fossil fuels, scientists and people around the world are making use of the easy to use and highly affordable renewable energy sources available. Thanks to people like Elon Musk of Tesla, George Bezos of Amazon, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, renewable energy technologist and technique are rapidly taking place of fossil fuels and that dynasty is dying fast.

Entire countries are now fossil fuel independent. Brazil, Germany, and many others have embraced renewable energy and the powerhouse oil cartels are seeing that their end is imminent. Oil prices have dropped to record lows and counties that sold petrol have fallen on hard times like Venezuela. The US discovered massive oil fields that had not before been used and scientists now know that oil is a replenishable resource and not going to run out anytime soon. The old scams are dying and it is changing the face of power throughout the globe. The once Texas oil barons are all but kaput and there’s nowhere to run. Solar and the wind and other technologies are rising so fast that it’s tough to find people to man all the jobs these industries are creating. Solar installation and maintenance alone are one of the fastest growing job fields in the US.

States and countries are giving out tax incentives and insurance companies are cutting rates to people who adopt renewable energy. Even now, with the advances on the shelf for consumers, the technologies involved keep getting better and better. Nowadays a homeowner can install solar and generate enough electricity to not only run the home but create enough excess energy that the local utility companies have to buy the excess. Not at the rates they charge, but enough where homeowners and businesses can be in the black regarding revenue and income.

The writing is on the wall and only a fool would assume that fossil fuels are the way of the future. It’s all a matter of money and power. In the old days, energy was controlled by a small hierarchy of men who took advantage of all of the mankind. They had the tools and revenue to establish cabals where they controlled supply and price. They had enough money to bribe and threaten and murder and it went on for decades and decades. Thanks to the internet, new technologies emerged and whistleblowers come forward. The government, now exposed, had to step away from the cabals and are now waiting for the inevitable.

Since rents aren’t dropping and wages aren’t rising, people are embracing renewable energy because they know in the short and long term, it will mean savings and a better quality of life for them.

Not to forget the environmental impact of renewable energy. Global Warming or Climate Change is a reality and we may be at the razor’s edge of being able to avert this global disaster. That means cutting or eliminating fossil fuels and it looks like the environmentalists are winning. There’s just no more money in fossil fuels and investors are jumping ship, not because of their concerns for mankind and nature, but because they’re not getting the ROI they’re used to when fossil fuels ruled the Earth.
The bottom line is that fossil fuels are doomed and renewable energy is the new king of the hill.

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Mid Florida Diesel Delivered Blue Star Power Systems Generators to Pasco County

Mid Florida Diesel delivered 4 each Blue Star Power Systems generators to Pasco County. Pictures show a 200 KW and 250 KW generator with John Deere Engines, Marathon Alternators and Basler Controllers. Completely housed in a aluminum, level III enclosure and UL142 diesel fuel tanks.

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8 More John Deere Power Units To Be Serviced by Mid Florida Diesel

Mid Florida Diesel recently took in 8 John Deere Power Units that require a complete overhaul. Watch out because the finished product will blow your hair back!

8 More John Deere Power Units To Be Serviced by Mid Florida Diesel8 More John Deere Power Units To Be Serviced by Mid Florida Diesel


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Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator

Mid Florida Diesel recently had the opportunity to help United Rentals with the repair of the radiator on a 2000KW Baldor Generator with a Mitsubishi engine.

“It’s what we do and we love it! Nothing is too tough for these guys. The Men and Woman at Mid Florida Diesel never cease to amaze me!” says Joe Antonini, General Manager.

Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator


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Mid Florida Diesel Delivers 10 Blue Star Power System Generators

Mid Florida Diesel recently delivered 10 each Blue Star Power system trailer mounted generators to Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA). The attached pictures show the 100 KW and 200 KW generators. JEA liked the product so much they purchase another 100 KW and have plans to purchase more!
All trailer mounted generators come with John Deere engines, Marathon alternators, and Basler controls. They were outfitted with 4-position voltage selectors (480v, 240v, 208v 3 phase & 120/240 1 phase), and Camloc power connections on trailers that meet DOT standards.
The customer is extremely happy with the product!

Mid Florida Diesel Installs Blue Star Power Systems Generators for the City of Lake Wales



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