8 Factors to Help You Look for the Best Mobile Generator

Mobile generatorThere are several factors a construction contractor should consider while choosing a mobile generator. He may have to go through wattage options and a number of features which would be used often at the job site. So, in order to select the right kind of machine to meet the requirements at the job site, we have compiled eight factors that the professional should think about before buying a mobile or a diesel generator.

Power drawn from the mobile generator
When a contractor contacts a supplier, he should make sure that the mobile generator delivers maximum and rated output. While maximum output refers to the power the generator is actually capable of producing, rated output is nothing but the power the product is able to produce continuously.

If an individual needs to calculate the rated and maximum output, then he should first determine the cumulative wattage by considering all the equipment. For every equipment, the person has to figure out the power that’s actually required to start and the total power for helping the equipment to run smoothly. Additionally, it’s necessary to add the running power of all the tools. The total figure is eventually equivalent to the rated power of the generator. Later, the individual can get the maximum output once the starting power of all the tools is added. To be on a safer side, it’s better to add 10 percent or else in case the diesel generator can’t meet the demands then it would fail to deliver an adequate amount of power and tend to wear out faster.

Clean Power
As per the recent EPA regulations for diesel engine emissions, the intention to reduce pollutants should never be forgotten. This is because pollutants can be extremely dangerous to the environment and harmful to human beings. So, ideally, when the contractor is selecting a diesel generator for a construction site, he should ensure that such generators are governed by the regulations. It’s a good idea to select a Tier 4 compliant generator when the contractor is contacting a supplier or a manufacturer.

If the mobile generator has to be set up somewhere near residential and commercial areas, then quietness is one of the factors that should be considered. Usually, as per the industry standards, the sound level should be 70 dB (A) till a height of 23 feet. But, depending on the location, the person should opt for a generator with more sound attenuation. Such a kind of electronic product might be expensive, but the supplier would then be happy to help in determining the sound attenuation level according to the essential requirements.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mobile GeneratorRuntime
Runtime denotes the time span for which the diesel generator can run before it has to be refueled. Generally, the generator should be able to run for the entire day with a consistent output. Anything less than the usual capacity may keep the crew idle till the time when the generator is filled with fuel.

Customization options
Since every construction site differs in some way or the other, customization is important for job-site applications. To maintain a consistent output, the automatic voltage regulators ensure that varying loads are taken care of. To keep workers away from electric shocks, there’s no other option than making provisions for Ground fault circuit interrupter protection. Moreover, the automatic idle control helps to lower down the engine speed when the diesel generator is not been used. The feature also keeps the motor warm especially when winter sets in.

When a generator requires a trailer, quality and size should be the prime concern. A big trailer reduces the risk of the generator getting damaged. For harsh climatic conditions, a galvanized steel trailer is the most preferred choice. Apart from everything else, the trailer has to be chosen based on the intended application. As the contractor collaborates with the supplier for a customized generator set, make sure that the frame is DOT-certified and has tie-downs along with safety chains.

An ongoing maintenance plan
Reach out to an experienced generator service provider because workers may experience downtime unexpectedly. For convenience, it’s better to look for a supplier that offers more services rather than simply selling a diesel generator. He should have hired technicians to execute the maintenance plan and make sure that there’s nothing that hinders the performance of the generator.

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