Blue Star Power System Generators

 Blue Star Power SystemsDiesel generators are very important to many people, without them they wouldn’t be able to do the things that they’re used to doing while they’ve got their hands on one. The diesel generators that are offered from Blue Star Power Systems shouldn’t be taken lightly, they’re high quality pieces of equipment and that’s the only thing that’s ever going to be provided here. There are tons of different sets to take into account, all of which are within the range of 20 to 2,500 kWe. All the way from the normal products we carry to the customized ones we order personally, the amount of experience and the attention to detail that we uphold is immense (because we understand how important a generator can be to some). We’re bluestar-logodedicated to providing the best customer service experience anybody can ever deliver, because that’s really what has people coming back time and time again. You can’t have a great company like Blue Star Power Systems without great service, so we focus on the fundamentals.

Gaseous generators are another area of expertise that we hold under our belts, and the sets we have to regarding the gaseous variety range from 25 to 400 kWe. It doesn’t matter what you’re getting into, so whether you’re looking to do a little peak shaving or simply want to have a form of emergency power lying about, gaseous generators from Blue Star Power Systems will get the job done. If you’re looking to limit the emissions that you’re giving off this is a great selection to work with, and it’s only that much better when you’re purchasing it from us.

ASCO (which is an automatic transfer switch) can come in handy during a plethora of occasions, ASCO automatic transfer switches just might save your skin one day. They can be used in houses and even businesses, no matter what the need happens to be where there’s a necessity for power this technique will work wonders (especially when used alongside a Blue Star Power Systems piece of equipment). Hospitals and other medical facilities rely on this system to power their entire buildings, so it must be good for something. ASCO 7000 Series Power Transfer Switches are available for purchase, but you have the ability to get one of the bypass-isolation variety (which allows you to test the switch without having to stop the power being sent to the load).  We’re all about building long-term relationships with our clients, so if you have any questions feel free to contact us for further assistance.