Benefits Of Using Diesel Generators With Renewable Energy Sources

The benefits of blending renewables with diesel generatorsMany governments across the world are asking for an accelerated transition toward decarbonization and a raised integration of renewables in their energy systems. Although most of the conversation is focused on emerging technologies such as wind, solar, and battery, the reality is that diesel generators will continue to play a significant role in the microgrid energy strategy for many years to come. Let’s find out the benefits of blending renewables with diesel generators for integrated microgrid solutions.

Lower emissions: The diesel generators operating in the US microgrid applications need to be tier 4 final certified by CARB and EPA. These tier 4 diesel generators similar to the Volvo Penta diesel engines use low-Sulphur diesel for reducing the emissions of harmful gases in the air. These systems are well-designed for operating efficiently and they emit lesser Nitrogen Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, and particulate matter. This leads to a reduction in carbon footprint. The non-profit advocacy group Diesel Technology Forum finds that the tier 4 final engines can decrease Nitrogen Oxide and particulate emissions by almost 90% compared to earlier technologies used for diesel generators.

Decreased use of fuel: The microgrid that combines diesel power with renewable energy will trim fuel costs. It is more economical for any operation to generate the power they need from renewables that are coupled with a significantly down-sized diesel generator.

Lesser footprint: Any microgrid that is using renewable energy sources is going to need a huge battery bank for storing the power generated by the resources that cater to the requirement. Budget constraints and space limitations can prevent operations to add a sufficient enough energy storage system. Adding a diesel generator here can eliminate these problems. These diesel generators activate if the renewable energy sources are on a lower ebb.

Instant availability of electricity and redundancy: Diesel generators can give you immediate electricity while battery power or renewable energy is not as available. There isn’t any need to stop the operations and wait for the microgrid to generate the required power. A combination of technologies will lead to the generation of all the power required by the operations. The use of several kinds of energy sources builds redundancy. In case one of the sources is low, there are other alternatives available.

Combined generators: It is also possible to join various generators together for synchronizing and sharing the load. Joining several generators allows the users to alternatively turn on one or a couple of generators for saving money and producing the required power. A combination of technologies gives you all the electricity needed by operations. In addition to that, running diesel generators with around 60% load is great for controlling emission problems, it provides better efficiency and greater longevity. It is also possible to stack the diesel generators when space constraints are a consideration.

Better return on investment: In some circumstances, the cost of power generation by using the microgrid is lower than utility costs. With the energy costs rising over time, the investment in a microgrid that also consists of a tier 4 final powered diesel generator comes with the potential of paying for itself even more quickly.

Reliability: The power alternative by using diesel generators gives you the reliability that will support the electrical loads and this is not possible by just using battery power and renewable energy. While using all these systems you will have a time when battery power will be inadequate and the operations will demand power. The internal combustion engine of diesel generators gives you instant power for an extended length of time. It makes the diesel generators an essential component of all the microgrids.

Although there are many systems available, most of them tend to become oversized unless they are using a microgrid. The microgrid solutions that pair the renewable energy source with tier 4 final engines powered by diesel generators are going to be flexible, and efficient, and they will have lower emissions. It is the best of both worlds and it is a great blend. All the operations will have access to the power they require and this grid will meet the demands of more sustainability, optimized fuel use, and lesser emissions. For more information about this solution, if you live in the Florida area, get in touch with Mid Florida Diesel.

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