Get Ready, Here Comes Renewable Energy!

Get Ready, Here Comes Renewable Energy!It was bound to happen. Logic dictated it. Renewable energy has taken hold worldwide and there is no stopping it. The fossil fuel industry will soon be as extinct as the dead dinosaurs they’ve always claimed were the source of oil.

Now that the scandals have emerged regarding fossil fuels, scientists and people around the world are making use of the easy to use and highly affordable renewable energy sources available. Thanks to people like Elon Musk of Tesla, George Bezos of Amazon, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, renewable energy technologist and technique are rapidly taking place of fossil fuels and that dynasty is dying fast.

Entire countries are now fossil fuel independent. Brazil, Germany, and many others have embraced renewable energy and the powerhouse oil cartels are seeing that their end is imminent. Oil prices have dropped to record lows and counties that sold petrol have fallen on hard times like Venezuela. The US discovered massive oil fields that had not before been used and scientists now know that oil is a replenishable resource and not going to run out anytime soon. The old scams are dying and it is changing the face of power throughout the globe. The once Texas oil barons are all but kaput and there’s nowhere to run. Solar and the wind and other technologies are rising so fast that it’s tough to find people to man all the jobs these industries are creating. Solar installation and maintenance alone are one of the fastest growing job fields in the US.

States and countries are giving out tax incentives and insurance companies are cutting rates to people who adopt renewable energy. Even now, with the advances on the shelf for consumers, the technologies involved keep getting better and better. Nowadays a homeowner can install solar and generate enough electricity to not only run the home but create enough excess energy that the local utility companies have to buy the excess. Not at the rates they charge, but enough where homeowners and businesses can be in the black regarding revenue and income.

The writing is on the wall and only a fool would assume that fossil fuels are the way of the future. It’s all a matter of money and power. In the old days, energy was controlled by a small hierarchy of men who took advantage of all of the mankind. They had the tools and revenue to establish cabals where they controlled supply and price. They had enough money to bribe and threaten and murder and it went on for decades and decades. Thanks to the internet, new technologies emerged and whistleblowers come forward. The government, now exposed, had to step away from the cabals and are now waiting for the inevitable.

Since rents aren’t dropping and wages aren’t rising, people are embracing renewable energy because they know in the short and long term, it will mean savings and a better quality of life for them.

Not to forget the environmental impact of renewable energy. Global Warming or Climate Change is a reality and we may be at the razor’s edge of being able to avert this global disaster. That means cutting or eliminating fossil fuels and it looks like the environmentalists are winning. There’s just no more money in fossil fuels and investors are jumping ship, not because of their concerns for mankind and nature, but because they’re not getting the ROI they’re used to when fossil fuels ruled the Earth.
The bottom line is that fossil fuels are doomed and renewable energy is the new king of the hill.

Picture Credit: seagul

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