Diesel Generators: Solar-Plus-Storage Microgrid Systems For The Future

Diesel Generators: Solar-Plus-Storage Microgrid Systems For The FutureDiesel generators have been around for years. They have a very low maintenance cost associated with them, most likely because they do not use spark plugs or carburetors. They do have glow plugs, which allow the machine to run better. Diesel generators last a long time, especially if they are well cared for. They are suitable for intensive uses as they can be used in many outputs ranges from 15kW-2000kW. They are also less flammable than other types of generators, making them safer and more reliable.

Solar prices are falling and big companies, such as Caterpillar, are taking advantage of this. Over the past 10 years, these prices have fallen well below the price of shipping and burning diesel to generate electricity in remote sites.

Besides solar prices getting lower, mega-watt scale batteries are also falling in price. There is not a huge price drop like there has been in solar prices, and certainly not enough of a price drop to consider replacing the generator altogether. But there is enough of a drop in price to help store some of that solar energy for later use. And it can also help to buffer the ups and downs in electricity demand- which often makes generators run insufficiently. And it could also eliminate the biggest cost that a diesel generator has- its fuel.

Hybrid generator systems, also referred to as generators pre-packaged with power electronics, connections, and control platform to use batteries, solar power, and other inverter-based DER. Big companies are using a combination of these technologies in different ways and in different markets for their companies.

Most of the main markets for those hybrid generator systems include islands and off-grid industrial and mining sites, they have been popping up on on-grid applications. However, diesel generators are being used to migrate demand charges against the power grid. This can help municipal and cooperative utilities reduce capacity costs.

And when batteries are added into this generator, it results in a system that instantly reacts to on-site power disturbances. Both on-grid and off-grid are the target for this type of generator. These diesel generators will be meant to lower operating costs primarily for those that are using them. But the flexibility of the engine itself will also be improved. Countries that have rapid renewable energy growth will be the ones that are targeted

Diesel generators are transforming into something bigger and better than ever, solar-plus-storage microgrid systems.

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