Are Natural Gas Generators The Ultimate Solution For Data Centers?

Temporary Natural-Gas Generators Power Data CentersTechnology is advancing faster than we can imagine and data centers are transforming completely. Gone are the days when small IT-load severs we the most common, as companies are nowadays relying on large hyperscale facilities, for their cloud-based technology and colocation services.

But there’s one big question we should ask ourselves: will we be able to power these data centers, as they keep requiring more and more energy?

This is an issue distribution-network operators are dealing with, as they need to keep up with the increasing demand. However, there’s one solution they are apparently ignoring: temporary gas power generation.

There are countries who are already exploring the advantages of using natural gas generators – Ireland, for example – as they were forced to find a solution after several delays in the expansion of the electricity network required to power the commissioning and operation of data centers.

Natural gas generators have several other advantages, besides keeping data center programs on schedule, so let’s take a few moments to explore them.

It’s cost effective and sustainable

For a lot of years, data centers have been using diesel generators as an emergency backup or even as a standby power, to deal with grid-supply challenges, but also help bridge the power-supply gap, so they can get their data servers online on time. Sure, diesel generators are excellent and have their advantages as well, but using them as a substitute for mains power over long periods of time is far from being cost-effective or sustainable.

Natural gas generators, on the other side, are a viable alternative to their diesel counterparts. Specifically, they can help bridge the gap when the network is unable to meet the demands of a data center, but they can also provide a more sustainable long-term substitute for main power sources.

Uninterrupted power? You got it!

Another advantage of natural gas generators is their ability to run without being connected or synchronized with the electricity grid. And this is something incredibly useful for data centers that have just the right gas pressure but no available mains power. Theoretically, the operators use the gas generators as a utility provider, building a mini power station!

They offer flexible, cost-saving options

In the long term, natural gas generators offer sustainable, but also cost-effective benefits. And these can be exploited by data center operators to help power and cool – because this is extremely important – their infrastructure. Automatically, this translates to a lot of saved money.

Going a bit into details, by combining heat and power technology, the entire quantity of waste heat from the generators’ cooling system can be used to produce additional electricity for the entire site.

And this is not all since once a grid connection is installed, all the additional gas-generated electricity can be exported to the local grid and sold on the electricity market for some profit.

To wrap it up, there’s no doubt that natural gas generators are a great solution for data centers, providing a natural and practical solution to on-site electrical power.

If you are intrigued by the entire principle behind natural gas generators and want to find out more, our advice is to require some professional assistance. Mid Florida Diesel specializes in the sales and service or engine, switchgear, and generators. Thanks to over 20 years of experience, they have just the right background to provide accurate information on natural gas generators and help you put together your own natural gas generator setup for a data center.

Picture Credit: CommScope

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