Blue Star Power Systems, The Perfect Emergency Standby Power Solution

Blue Star Power Systems, The Perfect Emergency Standby Power SolutionWhen it comes to big businesses, like retailers, it’s more than obvious that they can’t afford any downtime, especially when operating 24/7, 365 days a year. Therefore, it’s mandatory to have not only a large backup power system but to also maintain its reliability.

After examining the market, we observed that one of the best systems to provide reliable and scalable solution is to utilize backup diesel generators from Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. From both performance and reliability perspectives, we’re looking at the first-class equipment, not to mention that they have an impeccable reputation, as many retailers across the US are utilising their products.

For instance, recently two Blue Star Power Systems units were sized and installed to power the entire Urban Outfitters Distribution Center facility. Each Blue Star Power Systems unit features its own emergency service, thanks to 2000 and 3000 Amp ASCO automatic transfer switches.

First of all, we have a primary backup, dedicated to the office and administration center. It’s the MD1250-01 unit, powered by the Mitsubishi S12R Y2PTA-1, rated at 1881Hp, and driving the Marathon 742RSL4048 alternator.

As for the second unit, the MD2000-01 model, which works as the main backup for a facility warehouse. At the core, it has the Mitsubishi S16R Y2PTAW2-1 rated at 2923 Hp which drives the Marathon 744RSL4054 alternator.

Both units can be digitally controlled, not to mention that they are self-contained in state of the art weather protective enclosures. Underneath of each utin we can find UL 142 subbase fuel tank carrying enough fuel to run a unit for 24 hours of continuous runtime.

If you’re interested in more details about such configuration and installation backup generator for your facilities in the Florida, Mid Florida Diesel, Inc. is the company your should contact. The company specializes in sales and services of diesel engines, diesel generators and switchgear. Mid Florida Diesel is backed by 25 years of experience and their team of professionals can provide all the insights you need about emergency standby power solutions.

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