Top 5 Benefits Of Using Natural Gas Generators

Benefits Of Using Natural Gas GeneratorsLately, more and more people are relying on natural gas generators as useful backup devices for electricity provision, when the regular supply fails. Yes, we’re in 2018, and such moments still happen. As you probably guessed, they are fueled by natural gas and are able to produce electricity for your household, as well as commercial and industrial needs.

Using such devices comes with multiple advantages, which some people are not aware of. If you are looking forward to installing a new natural gas generator or simply want to change from your existing one, but you’re still not fully convinced, you can check out our list with some of the most important benefits this ‘move’ brings. Let’s begin, shall we?

It’s cleaner

Compare a natural gas generator with coal, gasoline, diesel, or oil, and you will instantly figure out one thing: natural gas is actually the cleanest burning fossil available right now. Besides this, it won’t produce soot or ash, unlike coal or oil-fueled generators.

It’s cost-effective

Again, we have another comparison! Unlike oil or diesel, which can, somehow, be expensive, natural gas is a seriously cheap fuel, meaning that generators are relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain as well. Running costs are easier to meet, not to mention that gensets based on this fuel are a cost-effective generator choice, overall.

They are safe

Picking a natural gas generator doesn’t imply so many risks to health, according to experts. This happens because inhaled in small amounts, natural gas is not toxic, not being harmful to both humans or animals.

There are several types of generators, using different fuels, like oil, coal or diesel. However, most of them generate gas emissions, something which doesn’t happen with a natural gas generator. It won’t produce any soot or ash, while during the installation process, all the safety measures are taken. To be more specific, the supplier also adds an odorant to the gas, so in case of a leakage, it will be immediately detected.

They are eco-friendly

A house using a natural gas generator will have minimal emissions of carbon dioxide, while those of nitrogen and sulfur are also lower. In contrast, oil and coal-fueled generators release ash particles into the environment, which causes serious pollution. And yes, you guessed it, this doesn’t happen with a natural gas generator. But we’re not done yet.

Since it’s not using an underground storage tank with natural gas – like the case for generators using oil – spills and soil contamination are unlikely.

They are dependable

Right now, natural gas is one of the most energy efficient fuels the planet can provide. Basically, you can always count on its availability through the supply pipeline and there’s no need for scheduling deliveries for gas supply. For the moment, there is an abundant supply, definitely not susceptible to international events, like oil.

If these arguments convinced you to opt for a natural gas generator, but you still have some additional questions, the professionals at Mid Florida Diesel are always happy to help. With a vast experience, they provide specialized services for small to heavy-duty highway vehicles, as well as industrial generators, everything at competitive prices.

Picture Credit: Kohler

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