YANMAR Diesel Equipment Still Rates High

YANMAR Diesel Equipment Still Rates HighThe YANMAR 6HYM-WET engines are spectacular for what they’re designed for and those who know their diesel engines won’t do for anything less.

These 650 mhp engines goes great with a solid set of propulsion systems like what the company Tecnimar S.A.S. Did. They combined the YANMAR 6HY-WET with marine gears ZF325-1 ration, 1.05 and Hamilton WaterJets. They used it in their pilot/crew boat vessel MALMO. So successful was this marriage that they’re working on a second pilot/Crew boat vessel, the VIKINGA and it will use the same YANMAR diesel engines.

This engine gives the 13.7 liter 6HY series a wide range of horsepower ratings. These include a 500 mph at 1,950 rpm with 6000 mhp at 2,100 rpm, and 650 mhp at 2,150 rpm and the tops of 700 mhp at 2,200 rpm. This engine series is indeed IMO Tier II compliant for application in the non EPA regulated ares and brings full mechanical control with it’s primary marine design. Also the long service interval as well as minimum special tools required.

These diesel engines are produced in Japan at the well respected Tsukaguchi Plant that uses a cell production system that allows for the company to make total engine assembly by just one person to make sure the manufacturing is at optimal levels across the board.

Given the satisfaction that the company has had with the engine, and with their expected completion of a second ship, it’s clear to see that YANMAR’s reputation for reliability, durability, and trustworthiness is not without validation.

Anyone traveling the seas, whether commercially or for pleasure, knows that out on the waters, there can be no room for error. One mistake and it could cost someone their life. Having an engine that can deliver the horsepower but can also be modified with other vital systems ensures extra performance as well as safety.

Sometimes it takes some out of the box thinking to put together a system like done here, but when you start off with a reliable product like the YANMAR product, you’re starting off on a good foot from the start.

Mariners are always on the lookout for the best products available at affordable prices, but most of all they’re looking for products that deliver service, safety, and reliability. There’s no second chances when you’re out on the water and being rescued can cost a good amount of money. Not to mention loss in revenue and reputation. No one wants a company that can’t apply the best technologies available.

So it looks like YANMAR is the company to depend on here.

Image credit: Yanmar

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