Blue Star Power Systems Diesel Generators Save The Day

Blue Star Power Systems Diesel Generators Save The DayAnyone who knows about diesel generators knows how valuable and needed they are.

When bad weather, natural disaster, or manmade problems occur and the power goes out, a diesel generator sure comes in handy to keep the lights and heat on.

This was the case in Louisiana, New Iberia as a matter of fact, when the Iberia Parish School’s food services needed electricity. The area of the school is used to facing natural disasters and power outages so the use of the Blue Star Power Systems is now there to save the day if need be.

Just about everyone in the world has heard of Hurricane Katrina and the damage it did when the levies broke and flooded the city of New Orleans. Storms can hit the region fiercely and with a backup power system in place, it allows for faster recovery and safety overall.

The education facility now owns a 400 kWe natural gas generator for the 26,000 square foot Food Service Warehouse. This area of the facility also houses the institution’s print shop and special education department. It’s also a Title 1 warehouse. This system is the Blue Star Power Systems Model NG400-01 and is powered by an NGE D219L rated 612hp. A digitally controlled device with an aluminum protection and sound muffling.

It goes without saying that the school did the right thing. Having a backup generator for the vital area of food servicing means that vital nutrition can be saved in the event of disaster. The school administrators have shown the forethought that has increased the staff, faculty and students’ chances of survival should a mishap occur.

It would be wise to never underestimate the value of a diesel generator that is state of the art and relatively easy to maintenance. The engineers and technicians at Blue Star Power Systems knows this and develop the best equipment to meet the job at hand. Even homeowners can benefit from having a backup diesel generator on their property. It means taking responsibility ahead of time. Nowadays there’s no telling what disaster ay occur from earthquakes to fires, floods, and wind storms. When the power goes out it leaves one and one’s possessions and family and friends vulnerable. These generators aren’t that expensive and they’re generally easy to operate.

It’s an investment in the present and the future that one shouldn’t hesitate about.

Image credit: Blue Star Power Systems

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