How to Plan Your Next RV Trip

Plan Your Next RV TripEven though it seems very easy, since everything you need to do is pack and start driving, planning an RV trip can be way more complex than most people think.

First thing first, you need to consider a few very important aspects, like how many days do you have, what route will you take, how much will you drive daily, how many overnight stops are you planning to make, and on which type of campground you will stop.

In order to plan everything properly and enjoy your trip, we’ve put together a short guide with some of the most important steps you need to follow.

Check your route

Google Maps is your best friends in this situation. Pick your starting point and see which is the best route, by examining the traffic, road conditions and other factors that can influence it.

Check the overnight stops

Since you’re traveling with an RV, you definitely need to plan your sleeping spots. Overnight stops should be determined considering how far you want to travel in one day.

Our recommendation is to never drive when you’re tired or schedule very long drives. Being rested the next day is very important, especially for the driver.

Make a list with the campgrounds

Sure, since you’re with an RV, you can stop pretty much anywhere for the night, but for complete safety and all the conditions needed for a trip like this, a campground is by far the best idea.

You can start by creating a list with all the campgrounds on your route and decide upon the ones you’re going to stay in. There are also RV parks or special parking for such vehicles, some of them coming even free of charge. Oh, and check the reviews as well. You don’t want to end up somewhere good looking but without access to any water, let’s say. Previous visitors’ opinions are the best sources of information.

Check out the best things to do in the city you’re visiting

If you’re planning to hit a big city with your RV, then you’re in big need of a list with must-visit spots. A simple Google search for “things to do in <city name>” should do the trick, letting you know about that places that you shouldn’t miss.

In a nutshell, these are the most important things you should do when planning an RV trip. But still, let’s not forget about the vehicle itself, which also needs some attention.

You will be driving a lot, so it needs to be in perfect condition, ready for the road. The tires should be ok, as well as all the fluids and others. If you’re not quite a technical person or just want to leave some professional do all this checking for you, Mid Florida Diesel is the solution.

Whether it’s repairing, maintenance or a simple check-up, they are ready to provide top services, backed by 25 years of experience!

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