Should You Add Solar To Your RV?

Should You Add Solar To Your RV?If you have an RV, you know how important it is to have power when you are camping. Granted, many campgrounds have hookups for your camper, but what happens when something unexpected goes down? Perhaps the transformer at your campsite blows up? Or maybe there are just too many plugged in on one electrical box that your RV’s breaker keeps tripping.

Another way some power their RV is from solar power. This could prove to be a smart solution for your camper if you use your RV enough. Many campers are turning to solar panels in order to power their camper for different reasons. Here we will discuss the top reasons why people are turning to solar power for their RV.

First, the price tag has come down quite a bit. In the past, solar panels were very expensive. But this is proving to be a wise investment, with solar power expected to come down even more in price.

If you love to camp, chances are there have been places that you have been that do not have electric hookups. In this case, solar power is the way to go. You can literally camp anywhere as you will always have the power to do so. Perhaps your family is tired of driving on vacation, but there are not campgrounds around. You can literally stop at a truck stop or large parking lot and camp there for the night with power. Many camping families will have not only solar power but also a generator to use as an alternative. Both of these make excellent alternatives to electric when you are roughing it outdoors.

Something very nice about solar panels is that they are very easy to install. Most newer models will come equipped to have solar power.

Camping has also become expensive. Years ago, it was something that only a few families partook in. Now, there are many families that either have an RV or a tent. RV parks are an excellent source of family fun or relaxation, so people are prepared to pay $20+ per night. Solar panels would pay for themselves in the long run if you camped enough.

Solar power is also very reliable. If there is an electric outage, it simply takes one push of a button in order for your camper to be back up and running.

Everything we purchase has pros and cons. Now that we have discussed the pros, we will delve into the cons. As stated above, it is a huge investment. While it could be a wise move, it will take a long time to pay off if you do not have the extra cash laying around the house. You really have to decide if you use the RV enough in order to justify purchasing solar.

And almost all of the time, camping parks have electrical hookups. There are times when they are full, but most of the time if they are full, there would not be any room for your camper to park anyways.

The weather can be a huge con of purchasing solar power for your camper. If you have cloudy days, your panels will not charge. And without charged panels, you will not have the power you need to run anything in your camper.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons of using solar power in your RV. If you would like to hear more about if solar power is right for you, consider contacting Mid Florida Diesel. They can assist you in deciding if you would be better off with or without solar power for your RV.

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