What To Consider Before Installing A Diesel Generator

What To Consider Before Installing A Diesel GeneratorOk, so you are aware of the importance and the advantages of having a diesel generator, but still, need some time before making your final purchase. But we’re here to answer your most important questions and, of course, help you decide if you need one.

Keeping it short, a commercial diesel generator is one of the most reliable sources of power, allowing you to utilize it in a wide variety of applications. As for the top factors to consider before buying one, we’re going to discuss them below.

The power output rating

Obviously, probably the most important factor to look after at the moment you want to buy a diesel generator is to make sure you will get a properly-sized one, able to handle all an outage.

For a large building or, even more, an industrial application, you need an increased power output rating, so our recommendation would be to start with determining power requirements, considering the sizing of your location.

Fuel type and costs

Diesel generators are among the most popular options, being picked up way more often than natural gas generators. But when it comes to the costs, there are quite a few aspects to consider.

Specifically, there’s the initial cost of purchasing and installing a diesel generator, but also the specific costs fuel costs, calculated considering how much is needed to run for a number of hours or days.

Noise, repair and maintenance costs, noise and last but not least, safety, are also incredibly important features which you shouldn’t neglect while examining the models that look interesting at first.


Speaking fuel, the overall storage capacity is also a very important aspect, as it determines how long the generator can run in one single tank. After all, you want something able to run for as long as possible, right?

Our recommendation is to consider an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) as well, as it’s able to prompt the generator to start functioning instantly, as soon as the power outage occurs. Additionally, once the power comes back from the grid, the diesel generator will be turned off.

In contrast, without the ATS, you – or your staff, depending on where the generator is used – will need to turn it on and off manually.


Deciding upon a model and buying it doesn’t mean that you’re done, as you also need to install the generator. And the entire process can be pretty complicated, as in most cases, it involves the assistance of a master electrical engineer, but also other specialists.


A commercial generator, as well as all the associated equipment, needs regular servicing and maintenance, in order to make sure they will run properly all the time. It’s also very important to prevent equipment failure during those critical moments when a ‘power replacement’ is needed.

Besides establishing a team in charge of generator maintenance, it’s essential to properly communicate with the team of specialists. It’s no longer a secret that generators are poorly maintained in a lot of cases, so be sure you create an actionable service, as well as a plan to ensure that your diesel generator is always ready to ‘save the day’.

There are surely a lot of considerations you should make before choosing a diesel generator, but we like to believe that we covered the essentials. With over 25 years of experience, Mid Florida Diesel can provide all the assistance needed during the buying process, but also professional repair and maintenance services, assuring that your generator is functioning in optimal conditions all the time.

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