What Are The Best Diesel Engines?

What Are The Best Diesel Engines?People are always looking for the next hot trend when it comes to vehicles. So naturally, with trucks, it is not any different. People are looking for trucks that are big enough to haul what they want, have a strong diesel engine, or look great. Trends come and go. What is popular now is not guaranteed to be considered “in” next year. However, you can pretty much guess that in the list of top trendy vehicles, there will always be a diesel engine in the mix!

So what is so great about the diesel engine? Well for starters it offers torque that others just cannot. And its fuel economy can not be surpassed by any others. These diesel engines last forever if well cared for. Diesel will help to lubricate the engine, which prolongs the life of it. Mechanics state that when an engine is cared for with regular maintenance, a diesel truck can last 30 years or more on the highway!

Many believe that diesel engines are better for the environment as well. And if you are driving lots of miles, you could potentially have a more economical truck if you purchase a diesel. A diesel also does not have spark plugs or distributors, which means you will never need to schedule an ignition tune-up.

And what about the sound of a diesel! Many love the powerful manly sound that is exuded from this vehicle. The diesel truck is a powerful workhorse that is strong and enduring.

The following are some of the best diesel trucks for your money. Any of them make an outstanding choice when picking a diesel.

2019 Ford F150- This diesel engine is amazing! So great that it was listed as a finalist in the Motor Trend Truck of the Year. This Ford comes equipped with a ten-speed automatic transmission and can get up to 30 miles per gallon in two-wheel drive. This truck with a short box can be purchased for just shy of $61,000.

2019 Dodge RAM 2500/3500 HD- If you love Dodges, this diesel engine is for you. With a maximum towing capacity of 35,100 pounds, this truck has a frame that is composed of high-strength steel. With an improved turbocharger, new fitting pistons, low friction rings, a new exhaust manifold, and the largest intercooler that has ever been in a RAM diesel, this truck has a 6.7 liter inline-six cylinder. It can produce up to 1,000 lb-ft torque which is up from last years number by 70.

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 HD- This turbo V-8 engine is one of the best diesel engines on the market. Pretty much everything on this Chevy is brand new. It has edges that are squared off with a grille that is mean! The bow tie badge is replaced with Chevy lettering. Chevrolet is stating this truck is the most capable and advanced. It has a 10-speed automatic transmission with 910 lb-ft torque.

This year you can have the best of the best with a diesel engine. Diesels are worth their price because they will retain their value. These trucks are powerful, stylish, and capable of pretty much anything you want or need a truck for. They will go further on the road before they need a major repair than other trucks.

If you own a diesel engine already, consider contacting a respectable company that can help you maintain the life of the truck, such as Mid Florida Diesel. These companies will service and repair your diesel engine, keeping it running as a brand new truck should. They will help keep your truck on the road for longer.

Picture Credit: Caleb White

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