Looking At The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diesel Engines

Looking At The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diesel EnginesDiesel engines are back to popularity and the big issue for people thinking about buying a vehicle with a diesel engine is what does a diesel engine do? What are the benefits? Are there any drawbacks?

Well, diesel engines do have both advantages and disadvantages and it’s all about their engineering. Performance-wise, diesel engines do wonders in regard to power and speed.

Fuel economy. Because diesel fuel stands as one of the best efficient, dense energy fuels, it brings to the table better fuel economy.

Durability. Diesel engines are engineered and built to take the punishment. They can hold up to higher compression. They’re like that Energizer Bunny commercial where it goes on and on and on. It can take hundreds of thousand of miles in longevity and thus need less repair.

Mileage. A diesel engine is legendary for excellent mileage. As mentioned before they deliver better fuel economy than the gasoline engine. Actually it’s about 25-30% better. They even beat out electric hybrids in some cases.

Tune ups. Since these engines don’t use distributors or spark plugs they don’t need ignition tune ups. Just think of the money you’re saving right there, not to mention the headache.

Now on the downside there are several drawbacks that one should be aware of.
Maintenance frequency. These engines need serious and dedicated maintenance regimens. Changing oil, changing oil and air and fuel filters.

Fuel costs. In the good ol’ days the diesel fuel was cheaper than gas. Nowadays the costs are the same and sometimes even higher.

Fuel injection maintenance. You have to keep up maintenance on the fuel injection system. If your fuel injection system is compromised you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny to get it fixed.

So as you can see, there are pluses and minuses to the diesel engine but it goes further than what’s listed above.

One has to take into account use. If you get a diesel engine, are you going to use it for daily use or recreation? Is your home area a challenge to drive through that either makes it a task to operate any vehicle and how will it affect a diesel engine? There are specific tools you need to have to maintenance a diesel engine. You’ll need to find a mechanic near you in case of emergency as well.

Diesel engines as mentioned earlier do get that mileage. With gas prices low, you end up saving even more with one of these engines. You can then use the excess savings for much needed things around the house or your business. Even though diesel fuel is matching regular gas and sometimes eclipsing it, your overall benefits are easy to see.

So when debating on whether you want to go diesel or not, sit down and do the math and check the statistics. The vehicle you’re looking at with the diesel engine has to be one that you can depend on for your home or business. You can’t just up and get any diesel engine that comes your way. Check with a specialist if you can to explain the specs of the vehicle and what you can expect. You now know that these engines are extremely durable and reliable, cost cutting, and powerful. With some good old fashioned responsibility, your diesel engine purchase can not only last you a long time, but it can save you money and worry along the way.

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