Diesel Generator Maintenance 101

Diesel Generator Maintenance 101Typically, a diesel generator does not demand much maintenance. This is due to how long-lasting and dependable they are. When you are defenseless against powering devices that you may require during a power outage, having a diesel generator maintenance plan will come in handy. It is essential to understand the steps of maintaining a diesel generator in order for it to last as long as it can.

First, it is essential that the oil of the generator be checked on a regular basis. Think about your car and how often you check the oil in this. It is the same for your generator. You can check it with the dipstick once the generator has been shut down. The oil in the upper parts will need to be allowed to drain back into the crankcase. Keep the oil level as close to full as you can. You must also change the oil completely, along with the oil filter, on regular occasions.

When picking out oil for your generator, you should look for high-quality oils. This goes for anything that you put in your generator. The better the quality, the better it will be for your device. Make sure to only purchase lubricants that comply with the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM).

While your generator is shut down, you will also need to perform regular coolant checks. The engine must be cooled down before removing the radiator cap. If needed, add coolant until it is about 3/4 inches. Do note that a balanced coolant mixture of water, antifreeze, and coolant additives will be needed for engines that are heavy duty. The exterior of the radiator will need to be checked at this time in order to fulfill step two of this diesel generator maintenance. A soft cloth or brush may be needed in order to remove any obstructions from this.

The third step in diesel generator maintenance is inspecting the fuel system. Any stored fuel should be used within one year as there may be corrosion or contamination. Empty the fuel filters at this time as water vapor can collect and condense within the fuel tank.

Any diesel fuel that is not used in three months may need tested and fuel polishing. Other maintenance that needs to be checked during this process includes the starting system. Check to see if debris is blocking the fins or if there are any loose connections. Leaks, cracks, and holes should be looked for on the charge-air cooler piping and hoses.

One important step in diesel generator maintenance include testing the batteries and cleaning them. When testing the batteries, a manual battery load tester may be needed. Some generators do perform a test each time the generator is started up.

If you see dirt building up, an important step is to wipe this off with a clean soft cloth. Around the terminals, any corrosion that is seen should be washed with one quart of water mixed with a quarter pound of baking soda. This mixture should not be allowed the enter the cells of the battery. Once done, the terminals should be flushed with clean water. Once you have flushed it and replaced the connection, you can add a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the terminals.

If you are uncertain on diesel generator maintenance, consider hiring a professional company, such as Mid Florida Diesel assist you. These companies can help you keep your diesel generator in great working condition so it lasts longer. You will never have to worry about being in a power outage if you keep your diesel generator properly maintained.

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