Basic Truck Maintenance Tips

Basic Truck Maintenance TipsRegular truck maintenance is crucial to keeping it running the best it possibly can. If problems arise, you can catch them before they become a huge issue. Here we will talk about the best truck repair and maintenance tips for your prized possession.

First, you need to check the engine oil on a regular basis. The engine is protected by this oil as it is lubricated when the oil is clean. However, when the oil becomes dirty, it is not possible for the engine to work in the correct manner. Even if it is not time for an oil change, but the oil is very dirty, or smells of gasoline, schedule an oil change.

To go along with the oil checks, oil changes are needed on a schedule as well. Each truck is different depending on the models. It will be dependent on a certain number of miles or a specific amount of months- whichever one comes first. The owner’s manual of the truck will provide this information.

Another truck maintenance tip is to check the engine coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Coolant is essential to your truck to keep it consistent at boiling and freezing points. This comes in handy in extreme temperatures, as excessive damage could otherwise be done.

Power steering fluid is needed to keep smooth steering. It should be changed on a regular basis to prolong the life of the power-steering pump and power-steering rack.

Brake fluid can absorb moisture, which will make it less effective. It should be changed on a regular basis otherwise it will stop working properly.

Windshield fluid should be topped off when it starts to get empty. It is important to have this fluid in order to clean windshields to see properly.

If you want to maintain your tires, you will need to schedule a tire rotation as part of your regular truck maintenance. This will not only improve your gas mileage but also reduce vibrations on the truck’s vehicle suspension component. This, in turn, will prolong the life of the truck’s suspension.

While getting your tires rotated, ask to have them balanced as well. The weight of the tires will be equally distributed around the axel. This is especially important to do if you drive on roads that are bumpy or have lots of potholes. If your tires are not balanced, it could lead to a lot of wear and tear on your suspension, as well as uneven wear on the tires. You can also have them balanced when you have a tired patched or replaced.

Many do not think a lot about the exterior of the truck when they think of truck maintenance and mechanics. However, the outside of your truck is very important and needs to be taken care of. Any dirt removed will help to protect the paint job. This is especially true in the winter. The salt and snow treatments that are used are horrendous on a vehicle and can really damage a paint job on any vehicle. When it is time to wash the truck, always clean the undercarriage as this is just as important as the rest of your truck.

Regular truck maintenance should include a truck inspection. Your truck will be analyzed to determine if there are any issues with it. This truck inspection should occur once per year. This will allow you to catch any issues early on to prevent further damage.

If you need a truck repair done, a professional shop, such as Mid Florida Diesel, can get your truck in and out of the shop as fast as they can to get you back on the road again.

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