Choosing an RV: Gas or Diesel?

Choosing an RV: Gas or Diesel?If you are looking to buy a new RV, then there is almost no doubt that the age-old question of whether to go with gas or diesel has crossed your mind. The comparison can be hard to make given that both have their advantages and disadvantages and often it comes down to comparing apples and oranges. That being said, if you have a good idea of what your preferences are and what matters most to you, that can be the best starting point when it comes to deciding on the type of engine you want.

A diesel engine can really be a workhorse and give you a lot of usage with relatively minimal maintenance compared to its counterpart. Diesel rigs are also typically better for towing and tend to be more fuel efficient than gas engines. They also allow for more torque and do not work as hard as a gas engine. The downside is the upfront cost can be significantly higher. Maintenance on the engine also tends to run a higher bill than with gas even though the frequency of needs to do something goes down.

A gas RV has many upsides beyond just the cost differences. For one, there are many new types of RVs now being offered in gas models, so the choice for the consumer is certainly there. There is also great versatility in what is available with these rigs as far as the engines go- more choices on gears, transmissions, and range than is typical with diesel offerings on the market right now. Gas is likely go-to for newer RV owners and there may be a trend towards increased ownership relative to diesel engines as time goes on. The rising popularity would not make it shocking.

A gas RV engine will likely run over 100,000 miles, maybe even to 200,000 if it is properly cared for. A diesel engine can still significantly top this figure. It really is a tough choice. Ultimately, it comes down to what your preferences are as far as what you want in an engine, how much you want to spend upfront, and what your maintenance preferences and choices are. Financials is never a bad starting point as RVs can be quite expensive over their lifetimes. Once you have a budget figured out, go out there and see what is available and what suits you and your needs. Good luck hunting!

Picture Credit: paulbr75

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