Is Wireless The Future?

Is Wireless The Future?Introduction

Our world today is plugged in today utilizing an electric grid. One can think of this as a giant power outlet. There are many reasons as to why this is not the best solution anymore. For starters, it is very expensive to not only use but to install. If you think about it, nearly half of what people pay for every year goes towards the cost of the grid, along with the power cable and the distribution network.

In this article, we will discuss what off the grid means and why the future may be going wireless, as well as what this means for you.

What does off the grid mean?

Off the grid means living without relying on utilities for power. There is no longer a connection with any source of utility. Utilities are those things that are a commodity or a service that the general public need. Examples are water, power, and natural gas.

Many homes are starting to live off the grid. They are doing this by using solar power energy. While solar power energy will not get the home off the grid completely, it is a start. They are becoming independent by not only lowering their energy costs, but they also exert control over their energy usage as well.

Why wireless may become the future

Within 5 years, we will very well likely become a wireless nation. The US power grid needs significant improvements made, as time is starting to wear on it. Instead of having a grid, we will turn to wireless smart control or smart off-grid. Eventually, the off-grid will be controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Energy demand will then be anticipated better, which will help set the settings for millions of off-grid systems across the world.

Being off-grid has been touted as being unreliable. A small cabin could be powered by it, but a diesel generator was needed as a backup. Should the weather be cloudy or bleak, the small cabin could not be powered unless the diesel generator was used.

Internet and telecom companies are pushing for the future to become wireless. Landlines are not as common anymore as cell phones are. Smart off-grid power is an ideal solution to keep costs down while expanding coverage to rural areas in order to roll out the 5G infrastructure. If the plan included being wired to the grid, telephone poles would need to be placed every 500 feet. This would not only limit the coverage area, but it would also cost several thousand dollars.

What will wireless look like?

What would it mean if we become wireless? What would it look like to those of us that are familiar with seeing power lines strung all over the place?

With the electric grid not reliant on power lines, there would not be a need for them. Utility poles would not need to be installed. Power companies would no longer have the need to chop down our trees, which are a very precious commodity. There would not be a need for underground cables.

In Summary

Going off the grid is a great thing for our environment. Trees will not be cut down as much, and we will not need to worry about the rising costs of electricity. Nor will we need to worry about fixing a power grid that is aging and in need of expensive repairs.

However, if the future is wireless, it will be imperative to have a diesel generator in order to have electricity as a backup. Consider contacting Mid Florida Diesel to learn more about different types of generators.

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