Blue Star Power Systems, Northern Lights and Yanmar bring you solutions

Blue Star Power Systems, Northern Lights and Yanmar bring you solutionsWhen the need for a power generator is at the door you can count on Blue Star Power Systems to provide the most powerful and affordable generators on the market.

In today’s world having that generator for primary and back up power is of utmost importance.  Having a company like Blue Star Power Systems around to deliver the various power generator systems leaves one with a feeling of comfort that when the need arises, the power will be there.

Think in terms of the convenience and reliability going on here.  This company provides the top generators, even gas powered for residential and business, academic, medical, government structures and needs.  Yes, from small generators for those times when storms take their toll to big industrial power generators to keep your business going in case of emergency.  Just about every situation and contingency is met by these power systems which is why this company is so acclaimed.

Their diesel generators range from 20 to 2500 kWe.  These units vary for every type of situation from simple temporary power to full fledged 24/7 operation.  Tailored for safety and standard EPA guidelines too.

Our gas operated units range from 20 to 400 kWe and also meet the EPA expectations.

In addition there’s the ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch utilized by our generators.  These automatic an non-automatic transfer switches transfer business critical loads.  From Emerson Network Power are applicable to the various generators and environments and situations one may face.  Whether it’s residential needs or business or even the power needed to run major institutions like hospitals, banks, and more.  You can even test these ASCO 7000 Series Power Transfer Switches without interruption of the function of the generators.

The three primary products, diesel, gas, and ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches rounds out the total service packages of these power systems.  Even yachting and other outdoor events can be provided with generators to keep power flowing.  From civic to concerts, these generators are reliable and safe nd meet the standards of the EPA.  That’s a primary concern of the company to not only comply with the EPA but to surpass the requirements to ensure you ge the best in power as well as a clean environment.

The Yanmar Generator and the Northern Lights generators (marine) are the two major units showcased here.

First, Northern Lights produces a full and powerful line of both 50 and 60 Hz marine generator sets starting at 4.5 to 500 kW, this line is backed by Lugger diesels and of course is for marine usage such as in boats and ships of all sizes.  Any seafarer knows you’ve got to come prepared and these corrosion resistant units can stand the briny environment.  From alternators to generators and more, Northern Lights is the one stop shopping place for these generators.

If you’re on a site and need that generator power, it’s the Yanmar aka YDG series of generators that fits the bill here.  One could probably use a Yanmar to power the lights while building one of the great pyramids if need be.  That’s how reliable and powerful these units are.  The diesel operated generator comes in three versions that should satisfy any power need situation.  Can you imagine a power unit that is quiet, easy running, easy to maintenance and provide needed on-site power all in one?  Well here it is!

So there you have it.  A look at the power generators you need to have at your site, home, office.  You don’t want to get caught short without power when the need arises from natural and manmade disasters, to the basic need of having a power generator available should not be underestimated.

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