Why Bakken Oil Shale Drilling requires Blue Star Power Systems, Inc

Bakken Oil Shale Drilling requires Blue Star Power Systems, IncSince the start of 2008, residents of North Dakota’s Williston Basin have witnessed an ever-growing oil rush. Located in the Williston Basin, the Bakken oil shale is a good deposit of oil-shale situated deep below the surface of the earth. With close to more than ten billion barrels of oil in the Bakken, big oil companies from across the world are planning on how they can drill oil in the area. The area has turned to be a lucrative spot for oil.

Rory Anderson, a partner at Industrial Equipment Sales and Service (IESS) and distributor of Blue Star Power Systems around Williston area, says that the costs related to drilling and operating in the Bakken are very high. He goes ahead and adds that the area is quite remote yet they don’t have enough infrastructure to cater for all the wells. The need for reliable power supply is essential for the success of remote wells.

Initially, a Stewart & Stevenson branch, IESS mandate, and role are to supply local natural gas as well as help oilfield and industrial business with different types of generator sets, light towers, power units, pumps and other kinds of machinery.

Upon receiving a notice for supply of large orders of 36 (qty) 250 kW diesel generator sets, IESS contacted directly Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. to complete the request. According to Anderson, they did this because they knew for more extended maintenance intervals and extended run times, Blue Star Power Systems, was the only company that could fulfill all those requirements.

For every generator set, it’s driven by a John Deere 6090HF484 (TPEM) diesel engine that is rated at 422 Hp. The engine propels a Marathon 432CS16210 alternator with a DVR2000E+ digital voltage controller. Some of the features that tend to meet the serviceability requirement include one side unit location of all service points, a two-stage air filter, and an additional ten-gallon Kenco oil leveling system. All the units come with a control panel that has switches for on/off/auto/idle and gauges for the engine parameters. These include frequency meter, amp meter, and voltmeter. The units are designed alongside a combination of open power units, trailer mountable units, and enclosed units.

Demand for reliable power is crucial

Anderson goes ahead to explain the importance of reliable power in the oil field. He says, “In the oil field, the simpler you keep the control panel, the better. This, along with Blue Star Power Systems flexibility and the unit ability to stand up to the harshest of conditions, are what made this project so successful.”

The Blue Star Power Systems generators are an essential system to many people and companies, without them many people wouldn’t be able to run their services. So, if you are looking for high-quality pieces of equipment that are reliable sources of power, go for the diesel generators provided by the Blue Star Power Systems at Mid Florida Diesel. They have a different set of generators to take into account, all of which fall between 20 to 2,500 kW.

Image credit: Blue Star Power Systems, Inc

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