Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator

Mid Florida Diesel recently had the opportunity to help United Rentals with the repair of the radiator on a 2000KW Baldor Generator with a Mitsubishi engine.

“It’s what we do and we love it! Nothing is too tough for these guys. The Men and Woman at Mid Florida Diesel never cease to amaze me!” says Joe Antonini, General Manager.

Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator Mid Florida Diesel Repair 2000KW Baldor Generator


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Mid Florida Diesel Delivers 10 Blue Star Power System Generators

Mid Florida Diesel recently delivered 10 each Blue Star Power system trailer mounted generators to Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA). The attached pictures show the 100 KW and 200 KW generators. JEA liked the product so much they purchase another 100 KW and have plans to purchase more!
All trailer mounted generators come with John Deere engines, Marathon alternators, and Basler controls. They were outfitted with 4-position voltage selectors (480v, 240v, 208v 3 phase & 120/240 1 phase), and Camloc power connections on trailers that meet DOT standards.
The customer is extremely happy with the product!

Mid Florida Diesel Installs Blue Star Power Systems Generators for the City of Lake Wales



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A Typical Day At Mid Florida Diesel

A typical day at Mid Florida Diesel, the bays are full and we are blessed!

A Typical Day At Mid Florida Diesel A Typical Day At Mid Florida Diesel A Typical Day At Mid Florida Diesel A Typical Day At Mid Florida Diesel

Mid Florida Diesel, Inc. has been servicing Florida since 1966. We can take care of your RV  and track service needs. Routine service and maintenance on RV and track generators and chassis available.
Service and Repair on All Generator Makes and Models. Services Available: Brakes, Electrical, Generators, Engine, Lube, AC Repair.

Call us at (866) 930-9851 for top-quality repair services.

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Diesel Generator Maintenance Is No Joke

Diesel Generator Maintenance Is No JokeDiesel generators may be famous for their power and durability, but these systems call for regular maintenance to ensure their safety and productivity.

Diesel generators are the safeguard for when the power goes out or if you just need a power source.  They’re basically a fossil fuel burner with electrical power.  They can operate in all kinds of weather conditions and disaster situations.  Knowing how to maintenance them, avoiding problems and fixing problems, means a good idea of some of the primary problems that can arise.

First of all is making sure your generator is clean.  Give the generator a good once over to make sure the oil that can drip isn’t a problem and that pipes, wires, nuts and bolts are in place.  You don’t want the elements or critters getting into the generator.  If you don’t know what to look for, ask a professional.  Better to be safe than sorry.

The overall look-see.  These diesel generators can get contaminated or any numbers of compromising situations like general corrosion.  There are diagnostics to detect and repair them if caught early enough.  Often, just running these exercises that test the systems thoroughly against water vapor build up and debris buildups.  Keeping a weather eye on coolant levels, fuel systems, starting procedure systems and oil levels will allow for greater prevention and quicker remedy.

Other parts of the generator need just as much eyeball attention.  Anything out of the ordinary calls for professional attention.  Are pipes or panels showing cracks?  Has corrosion or mold taken root?  Many generators are near moist areas and also suffer from water vapor condensation which can cause corrosion and mold can compromise.  The wind can carry a good amount of particulate debris that can get inside a generator and worst of all are insects like nesting colonies of bees.

Rural areas might find animal hair and farming debris embedded in a generator while city placed generators can get debris from roads and tires and other substances that get caught by the wind.

The other major systems to keep an eye on are the coolant systems.  If they fail you’ve got major trouble on your hands.  There are procedures to checking the engine oil.  Getting the right classification and oil viscosity are part of it.  Do what the manufacturer says regarding oil procedures and match their recommendations as best as possible.  Drill the oil inspection process until it becomes second nature.

Batteries call for lots of maintenance.  Batteries are like a system all to themselves.  First, off is making sure the batteries work and are fully charged.  That’s their purpose, to deliver power when all else fails.  To neglect the batteries, their integrity, and storage power, is to invite disaster. Regular attention via inspections and testing are what’s called for here.  Never give failure the opportunity to take advantage here.  There are regimens for a number of battery maintenance procedures.  Cleaning batteries are quite a chore.  It’s real hands-on maintenance and you need to talk to the manufacturers of both the generator and batteries for their exact recommended steps.  Don’t improvise.

Remember, diesel generators are engineered and meant for additional or independent power under circumstances that are challenging.  Proper Diesel generator maintenance should have you up and running when all else falls apart is what they’re there for.  They have to be ready at a moment’s notice and they have to operate trouble-free for the duration of the event.  Sine different environmental conditions can bring about the need to operate your diesel generator, careful planning, cleaning, and practice is essential.  Yes, practice maintaining your diesel generator.  Make sure others who would be operating it are as diligent.  In the short and long term, you’ll find such attention a money saver if not a life saver too.

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Batteries Can Play a Key Role in Transforming Renewable Energy

Batteries Can Play a Key Role in Transforming Renewable EnergyCalifornia is showing the way to the rest of the country in adopting renewable energy (with the pious objective of containing environmental degradation). Head to Southern California and you’re sure to come across rows of gleaming solar panels dotting the suburbia bordering almost all the prominent cities. However, there’s much going on behind the scenes and away from public view in the arena of renewable energy. Investments are being made for installing lithium ion batteries for lighting up warehouses, depots, industrial parks, and trailers in the largest state of USA.

Lithium ion batteries, it is expected, will be contributing massively towards enabling California to achieve its objective of driving 50% of electricity from renewable energy sources. There are some limitations or challenges that cannot be overcome when tapping renewable sources of energy. For instance, the sun or the wind cannot be switched on or off automatically.

Copious amounts of energy can be stored during a sunny or windy day but if in the absence of appropriate storage mediums or facilities, the surplus is wasted. Batteries can serve as reliable storage devices enabling utility firms to stock up on surplus electricity and make the most of it when it’s not sunny or windy. Energy storage analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Logan Goldie-Scot is of the opinion that reliability or consistency matters a lot to utility networks.

Copious amounts of energy can be stored during a sunny or windy day but if in the absence of appropriate storage mediums or facilities, the surplus is wasted. Batteries can serve as reliable storage devices enabling utility firms to stock up on surplus electricity and make the most of it when it’s not sunny or windy. Energy storage analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Logan Goldie-Scot is of the opinion that reliability or consistency matters a lot to utility networks.

California for the first time in 2013 made earnest efforts to stockpile up to 1,325MW of electricity by the end of this decade comparable to the maximum energy production capacity of two coal-based power plants. Presently, California contributes to nearly 36% of the entire nation’s storage potential and other states including Oregon and Massachusetts have set their respective targets, are trying to catch up fast. In the meantime, several cities and towns have announced plans to meet their electricity needs using renewable sources.

Utility companies, policymakers, and legislators are keeping track of the steps taken by California for tapping renewable energy sources and conserving the same. The state’s attempts to harness and store renewable will serve as a bellwether for other states thereby offering them the leeway to adjust and fine-tune the processes for extracting the optimum out of their setups. It is expected that more homes and businesses will use batteries for preserving energy amassed via solar panels and tap it, especially when electricity prices are steep.

The more commercial and domestic fronts use lithium-ion batteries for conserving solar or wind energy, the lesser will be the burden on utility companies to generate electricity. If a Deloitte report is to be believed, 25% firms in California are already using batteries for catering to their electricity requirements. The demand for batteries is anticipated to go up tremendously once laws and regulations that facilitate owners (of batteries that are) to resell storage are in place.

In the present scenario, there are two crucial aspects impinging on the green or renewable energy storage mediums. The first is, to what extent the demand for different storage devices will grow and the second is whether Li-ion batteries will continue to be most popular units for conserving electricity.

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Mid Florida Diesel Installs Blue Star Power Systems Generators for the City of Lake Wales

Mid Florida Diesel recently sold 2 Blue Star Power Systems Generators to the City of Lake Wales Police Department. The pictures show Mid Florida Diesel removing the existing 200Kw Allis Chambers Generator and a 40kw Federal Electric Generator from quite a tight spot.  Mid Florida Diesel installed a new 50Kw as well as a 200Kw Blue Star Power System Generators. The project went very well and the customers are very happy to have two new dependable generators to support their mission. Great job guys!



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The American Luxury Diesel

The American Luxury DieselIf you have ever yearned for an American made luxury car which had a diesel engine, then you may be surprised to learn that it almost happened- back in the 1970s. With the oil shock of the era, carmakers were looking for alternatives to satisfy an increasingly worried customer base. After looking at a number of options it was clear that the diesel engine was the only one that made a lot of sense and was feasible from a logistical and economic standpoint. Electric engines would only work in very light cars and the American public still wanted their larger vehicles, much as they do today. This led to a lot of development in the diesel area amongst American carmakers who were trying to prepare for a potentially worsening oil market.

The effort really had to start from scratch given that they were not in this space before. Mercedes in Germany had been producing quality diesel engines for some time, but they were not going to share their secrets with General Motors and company. GM really had to spearhead something by themselves and put the time and money into research and development to make it happen and they did. Although the outcome was questionable. GM looked to refit its famous V8 with diesel heads. This eventually resulted in the Oldsmobile 5.7-liter diesel engine. Unfortunately, this engine did not do too well in the real world- it was prone to failures after being installed in Cadillacs, Buicks, and other large cars and trucks. This was a major setback for the diesel engine in the United States and likely impacted the automobile market here for years to come. Some experts think that had that effort been more successful, then diesel cars in America would be much more widespread even today instead of being relegated to a niche status. We will never know for sure though; it is mere speculation at this point.

Even with the weak product, GM was able to sell 31el0,000 units in 1981, making it the market leader in the US for these engines. Ford was a close second and the history there is particularly interesting. Looking for their own diesel engine, they considered an M21 engine that was developed by BMW in Munich, Germany. They started with the standard BMW M20 straight-six engine and installed new valves, a turbocharger, and pistons to it. Ford took this impressive engine and put it in the Continental and Mark VII. This resulted in a couple of cars which were admittedly slow, but very sturdy and delivered an impressive 30 miles to the gallon. Lincoln went so far as to market this as a European-build Turbo Diesel. Unfortunately, the cars did not have a future as the market quickly shifted and ultimately led to their death. Gas engines become a lot more efficient and fuel prices also came down, making the status quo a lot cheaper than it was before and really drowning out demand for new types of engines and fuel sources. The luxury diesel market in the US took a big hit and manufacturers turned their attention to different things.

So we almost had a true American luxury diesel, but it just did not happen. Today, there are several offerings from foreign manufacturers in the US. With the renowned interest in alternative and different fuel sources, it will be interesting to see if any American carmakers take a second look at entering the market. Maybe in a few years, we will see another American luxury diesel car, but for now, it is not much more than a dream for car enthusiasts.

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The Jaguar XF 20d Diesel

The Jaguar XF 20d DieselThe market for a midsize luxury sedan which has all-wheel drive (AWD) and runs on diesel is a very limited and niche market with very limited options. A new market entrant has people in this market very excited though- the Jaguar XF 20d. It starts at $49,245 and comes in the 2015 redesign which really makes it an attractive and competitive offer in its class. The new 2017 version offers an 180-hp, four-cylinder turbodiesel engine. The car comes with active safety technology and AWD is an option.

The diesel engine, while it may sound underwhelming, can pack quite the punch because the car is 408 pounds lighter than the Audi AD TDI, which is a key competitor. It goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7.9 seconds. The 2-liter diesel’s exhaust is acceptable considering it is diesel and much better than a Mack truck or 80s Oldsmobile.

Moving to the interior of the car, it is quite exquisite. The vents actually camouflage behind panels when the air conditioning is not running, creating a very interesting and pleasing dash look. The shift knob also disappears when the engine is turned off, creating an almost eerie feeling when the car is off. But it is very luxurious, for sure. The start-stop button pulses as if it were a beating heart, adding a unique life quality to the vehicle. These touches are now really a staple of Jaguar’s identity.

One of the other really neat features about the interior is the new touchscreen system which has some very cool features. These include memory for your commute which can be used to route you out of the way of traffic on your daily commutes. It can also look for nearby parking including garages and play apps from your phone. It also includes a lot of the standard features that we see with these in-line entertainment systems these days including connectivity for your phone, GPS capabilities, satellite radio, etc. It does not, however, contain Android Auto or CarPlay compatibility, which might be a downside for some buyers.

There is also a full color LED screen behind the steering wheel which is customizable and can show the typical vehicle settings and information as well as a full map, which is neat. The Jaguar team really did a great job with the interior making it almost like you aren’t even in a car when it is turned off.

Overall, whether or not the Jaguar XF 20d Diesel is a good buy for you depends on what is important to you. The Audi A6 diesel is a formidable competitor and may deserve consideration as well. The best thing to do is real to hit the dealerships and try to test drive the cars you are interested and then to go from there. At the end of the day, a lot of it comes down to personal preference and what is important to you as a driver and traveler. No doubt, that if you go with anything in this class, you will end up with plenty of power and luxury.

Picture Credit: jaguar.com

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The Experts Chime In On Diesel Fuel

The Experts Chime In On Diesel FuelMost folks don’t know the advances being made in diesel fuel technologies.  To keep up with the demand for environmentally friendly fuels, the diesel companies have achieved a considerable amount of ground regarding renewable energy that is clean.

This was no small task and the experts chimed in at a recent industry get together that outlines just what they’ve been doing and where the future of diesel fuel and diesel generators will be going.

The goals are things like having renewable diesel lower the GHG emissions.  This has been achieved by the Neste Corporation which makes its products from 100 percent of renewable materials to a success rate of 40 to 90 percent reduction in the greenhouse gasses over the life cycle of the fuel.  This is in contrast with traditional fossil diesel fuel.  So successful is this approach that cities have chosen it to power their vehicles.

This turns into a win-win situation for all diesel engines and generators as they can all use the new renewable alternatives.  If used across the board it would cut greenhouse emissions by a huge margin making lawmakers and consumers and environmentally conscious citizens happy.

The new fuel also cuts the amount of particulate matter as well as Nox emissions.  Considering the massive use of diesel engines in big transport machines, agricultural machines, and other large engines and generators, these new emissions make a considerable impact in a positive direction.

The diesel engineers are testing and perfecting a wide array of materials and procedures to bring about even higher efficiency and low carbon emissions.  It’s a real gung-ho effort that is paying off for all involved.

These new approaches and applications of diesel technologies go hand in hand with other renewable energy technologies like solar power.  Where one might fall off, the other can be used as a backup.  It’s a move forward that will provide top energy needs in a variety of combinations and lower costs which the consumer will definitely take notice of.

You’ve got to hand it to the new wave of diesel generator and fuel engineers.  They knew this day was going to come but they didn’t sit on their laurels waiting for the last minute.  They had been working on upgrading their machines with their latest tech and it has proven itself right.  The fact that the emission levels have been decreased at such sizable increments is enough to warrant celebration.

What’s extra special is that these new diesel applications won’t cost the consumer an arm and a leg.  Energy efficiency, renewable energy is about cleaner air via the mechanisms and bringing down the dollar costs of use.

One can only imagine what the future will hold for these diesel renewable energy systems.  The industry is patting itself on its back with their latest technologies and in a good measure they should, however, there’s still room for improvement and as long as they stay diligent and true to the cause, everyone will benefit from diesel.

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The Return of the Diesel Engine

The Return of the Diesel EngineAfter years of a gas-dominated landscape in the United States, it looks like the diesel engine may be making a perhaps unexpected comeback. The recent history has been especially volatile with big players including Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi leaving the market in the last two years and a number of new players including Mazda, Ford, GM, Ford, and Nissan entering. The inflow certainly seems to be greater than the outflow even with some regulatory uncertainties looming. This could mean a big year in 2018 for diesel. Public policy will play an interesting role in this emergency as well, especially if the Trump administration makes changes to allow diesel to be more competitive within the market.

The volatility in the diesel market follows a number of dramatic and high-profile events within the space. In 2015, Volkswagen came under heavy fire for a scandal involving emissions testing which has led to a big hit for the company and was followed by eventual withdrawal from this market. Even BMW and Mercedes ended up cutting their offerings in the space although there are now signals that they may slowly regrow part of that business in an iterative manner.

All of this is happening as an ongoing dispute between the EPA and Fiat-Chrysler continues over regulatory compliance. FCA is currently not selling any light vehicles which are a diesel because of this conflict. It is possible that this pullback coupled with Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, etc. has actually lead to an open market and that is why we are seeing so many new entrants into space.

GM launched the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups in 2015 to great reviews. They are also launching some SUVs. Ford has also joined in on the diesel pickups with the always favorite F-150. Nissan is also experiencing success in the space with its own pickup diesel, the Titan.

The reasons for the diesel emergence may also be linked to consumers who are looking for alternative energy vehicles. Hybrids still not have picked up to a major part of the market and electric vehicles are often out of the price range of many buyers today. Diesel offers good gas mileage, particularly for those who do a lot of highway travel, so they are an attractive alternative which may be competitive on price and certainly when accounting for maintenance costs. It will be interesting to see how the government feels about this and whether they change policy to help consumers gain access to these vehicles easier too as they have done with electric cars like Tesla. There is still a lot of uncertainty with those questions.

With some many diesel entrants and the older players still likely to re-enter the market in the future, the competition will be tough. It will be interesting to see who remains in the market as it becomes more competitive and what brands become mainstays. It will also be interesting to see what the broader range of offerings will mean for gas vehicles and the gas v. diesel balance. Only time will tell.

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